Managing Regulatory Compliance: a Business-Centred Approach

MaRCo Tools

The MaRCo Model Editor is an Eclipse plugin that provides functionality for creating and editing XBPNM and Policy models, as well as transformation capabilities allowing to generate an Alloy representation of an XBPNM model.


Follow these steps to install the MaRCo model editor:

  • Install either Eclipse 3.7 or 4.3.
  • Launch Eclipse and select Help→Install New Software... from the menu.
  • Enter the following Update Site address into the "Work with" text box and press Enter: (this adds an update site that will be needed for the retrieval of dependencies of the tool).
  • Then enter the following Update Site address into the "Work with" text box and press Enter:
  • In the "MaRCo Tool" category, check the box next to the "MaRCo Model Editor".
  • Click Next, accept the license and restart Eclipse when asked to.

Creating new XBPNM or Policy Models

XBPNM or Policy models can be created as follows:

  • If necessary, create a new Project in Eclipse by choosing File→New→Project... in the menu and selecting "Project" from the "General" category.
  • Right-click the project to open the context menu and select New→Other....
  • From the "MaRCo" category, select either "xbpnm Diagram" or "policy Diagram".
  • Provide a file name for the new model.

Importing Example Models

The following example models are provided:

  • The printing policy model, and
  • the printing process model.

To import these example models, download the ZIP file, then follow these steps:

  • Select File→Import... from Eclipse's menu and choose "Existing Projects into Workspace" from the "General" category.
  • In the "Import Projects" wizard that appears, mark the "Select archive file" option and choose the downloaded ZIP file.
  • Complete the importing process by confirming all remaining wizard pages.

The example models will appear in a project named "Printing" in your Eclipse workspace.

Verifying a MaRCo Model using the Alloy Analyzer

Policy or XBPNM models can be analyzed using the Alloy Analyzer. Download the Alloy Analyzer here.

To analyze a model, follow these steps:

  • In the MaRCo Model Editor, find the ".xbpnm" or ".policy" file of the model.
  • Right-click it to open the context menu and click the Transform to Alloy menu item. A new file with the extension ".als" is generated.
  • Run the Alloy Analyzer and open the generated ".als" file.
  • Click the Execute button in the Alloy Analyzer's toolbar.
  • If an instance is found, the predicates of the model are consistent.